5 Things God Taught Me About Hearing His Voice

While walking down the street and listening to God tell me what He thinks about me, I thought about how important it is to hear what the Father has to say about us. His voice is the most relevant voice in our lives. While this is true, many struggle with the thought that God will speak to them, and/or that they can hear Him.

Something that is displayed throughout the Bible is the relativity of God. He has always been very relational and I believe that He created us for relationship. It is impossible to have a fruitful relationship without conversation. Prayer was never designed to be a task where we just talk and hope he responds with manifestation. Prayer was meant to be a continual dialogue between God and man. Prayer is when we gather around the family table and chat.

Prayer is when we gather around the family table and chat. Click To Tweet

While listening to God speak, I realized that many people struggle with hearing Him, and are missing out on the bliss of walking in continual fellowship with Him. If this resonates with you or if you are someone who hears Him, I believe this post will bless you.

5 Things God Taught Me About Hearing His Voice

1. His desire to speak is greater than my desire to listen.

The Father loves to speak to His children. While God is viewed as this person in the sky who is way out there, He is actually a happy Father who loves to engage with His children. His excitement for you is beyond what you can imagine. I mean after all, He came and died at the hands of mortal men to prove the position of His heart towards us. For many, we view ourselves as unworthy or feel as though God wouldn’t want to speak to us. He is not your enemy and there is total peace between you.

He came and died at the hands of mortal men to prove the position of His heart towards us. Click To Tweet

2. Passively Gaze Upon Him

Activity often causes us to miss His voice. A good father doesn’t require his children to work in order to be spoken to in the natural, so why would God who supersedes in greatness. Ezekiel compared His voice to rushing waters (Ez. 43:2). A glass is incapable of catching water while moving. It must become still under the flow. Holy Spirit taught me to rest, and simply turn the gaze of my heart upon the Father. This is done passively in a way that I’m not trying to earn something, I’m simply turning to receive what He has to say. When you engage your friend to chat, you’re not running to and fro. You sit in the chair across from them and let the good times roll. Rest, it’s just a convo.

3. Listen to Your Inside Voice

This point coincides with point two. After becoming still and gazing, you can start to speak from your heart without ever saying an audible word and He will respond. In the natural we value what is spoken audibly, but God places higher value on the conversation that is occurring in our heart.

Engaging God in your heart is also how you bless others prophetically. Have you ever been having a conversation with someone and a thought came to you about that person and then moments later they verbalize the thought that you had? God is so communal that He will speak to you about the person you are engaging with because He wants to be present in every part of your life.

Listening to this still voice that resonates within you is important. His voice is amplified from your spirit man and comes rushing throughout the other dimensions of your being. Often, there is a lot of noise in our soul from life which is why it is imperative to become still within to hear Him beyond the noise.

4. Lay Down Your Assumptions

A natural conversation isn’t one that is laced with assumptions. We often assume that we know what He has to say. Assumption is a killer when it comes to hearing the voice of God. In the natural when we make assumptions about people it closes off our natural ability to receive from them beyond the assumptions that we have already made. It blocks the flow of spontaneity and authenticity in a relationship and conversation.

5. There is no distance

Distance between God and man has always been an illusion. History is filled with God pursuing man, and because of the infection of sin, man is ran from God. Sin painted a false picture of God upon the hearts of mankind that had caused us to distance ourselves because of shame and broken identity. You and He are one. There is no distance, only distinction.

Distance between God and man has always been an illusion. Click To Tweet

I hope that the things that He taught me inspired you to listen again. You are His child and He is all about some good conversation. Go and chat it up with Jesus!

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6 thoughts on “5 Things God Taught Me About Hearing His Voice”

  • Laying down your assumptions — I believe this my issue when I pray and at I deal with fear when I praying. Thsnk you this bless me

  • Recently, the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart some specific instructions that required my action. My logical brain questioned if what i heard was really from God, because to be honest, it seemed a little absurd. ANYTIME i question—I line the action up to his word (the Bible). Hearing His voice is done by KNOWING His voice! ❤️ Knowing His voice is done by reading His word, & spending time with Him daily. 🙏🏻

  • Awesome read! The beauty of gazing upon Him is everything. If more of us would realize that God’s desire is that strong towards us, we would be deliberate in setting a daily time to meet with Him and hear His voice. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy your posts.

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