Living a Lifestyle of Encounter Part One

“May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.”

Song of Solomon 1:2

There are many things to be experienced in life, but all fade in comparison to the kiss of His presence. There has been an overwhelming amount of material and teaching released on the things that flow from the hand of God, while neglecting the beauty of His face. After witnessing miracles, signs, and wonders of all kinds; there is nothing that compares to the embrace of His presence. In this post we are going to discuss how to experience the Presence of God.

The above is a pictorial description of what I’m about to elaborate on in this reading. The above picture gives expression to something the Lord taught me about experiencing His presence. I’ve never struggled to experience the presence of God, but I did used to think that I had to do something to condition Him to come.

One day while sitting in my “praying chair” I began to cry out to the Lord for more of Him. I was sweating and full of sincerity (which the Lord honors). While I was emotionally stirred, the reality is that there had been no increase of what I was experiencing. After I tired out, I asked God, “Why can’t I experience more of You?” He replied, “Come to Papa. Let me hold you.”

This leads me to my first point:

1. You must be held.

We often miss the depths that God wants us to experience because we are slaves to activity. This has been the struggle of humanity for centuries. The Fall + Religion left man feeling like they had to strive to get to the Father. A principle that I live by is that His yoke is easy. Not only is His yoke easy, but He took the initiative to unify us to Himself through the blood of Christ (Eph. 2:12).

God is not to be impressed but adored. Click To Tweet

YOU CAN RELAX! Your efforts don’t impress Him. God is not to be impressed but adored. Our relationship with the Lord is one build on pure delight. The truth is you really don’t know how to embrace the Lord until you have allowed Him to embrace you.

As Eric Gilmour says, “Snuggle, Don’t Struggle.”

2. You must be satisfied with His kissed.

This point is imperative to growing in your knowledge of the Father and developing in your destiny. Satisfaction in God is when the fulfillment of pleasure simply comes from looking upon and receiving from Him.

The kiss of the Father is when He showers us with the comfort of His Presence and fills us with the life of His words. His kiss is the key that unlocks our destiny. In order to fully embrace the inflow of His life, we must cease from our strife. Our endless outer activity is often the reflection of inner chaos and insecurity. The kiss of the Father secures us in our identity as His beloved children.

Something we must know about prayer is that His Presence is the highest priority. It’s easy to totally miss God when our attention is on activity instead of adoration. He cares about you and what you are going through, but I assure you that your greatest breakthrough will come when your greatest desire is His Presence and not your answers.

It's easy to totally miss God when our attention is on activity instead of adoration. Click To Tweet

I remember this time during a prayer and worship event that I was attending where I was giving it my all in worship. I assure you I was singing the loudest and leaping the highest. In the midst of this I noticed that I wasn’t getting anywhere so I stopped to assess what was wrong. I was so desperate for Him. I lifted my hands and said, “Lord, I’ve given you my all. I don’t know what else to give.” Then He replied, “But I do.” In that moment I lifted my hands and received. In an instance of simple receptivity the river of God’s love came rushing over me. Does God honor our song and dance? Of course He does! The acts of worship are just works until our hearts look upon His face.

3. Remain.

Encountering God isn’t meant to be a event based occurrence. It is meant to be a moment by moment way of life. While the life of Jesus was full of activity, His heart was constantly lifted up before the Lord. The most important activity in His life was gazing upon the face of the Father. Jesus remained in the Presence of the Father because of His adoration for the Father.

There are many things in this life to behold, but none compare to beholding Him. The Lord wants to lead you deeper and deeper into His heart. He wants to lead you into a blissful life that transcends the norm. Do you want to powerfully touch the world? Let the infectious love of God infuse your life and watch how His fragrance diffuses into the world through you.

“There is not in the world a kind of life more sweet and delightful, than that of a continual conversation with God; those only can comprehend it who practice and experience it”

– Brother Lawrence


Below is a simple activation. Before beginning I want to let you know that engaging Him is so simple. We over complicate so much because of the need to feel that we have achieved something by working. As you begin this activation, REST.

1. Get into a position where you can get comfortable and relax. This can be sitting in your favorite chair or lying down on the floor. You want to be in a relaxed position so that you are not focusing on how uncomfortable you are. Thing like that easily distract us from the voice of God.

If needed, put on some soft worship music. I suggest music without words because it will cause you to focus on the words that are being sung and remove your focus from contemplation to the words of the song. (p.s. My favorite prayer music is by Eric Gilmour.)

2. Begin by offering words of adoration from your heart to God and welcoming Holy Spirit to navigate you into the glory as you meditate on the Lord.

We aren’t used to having to be still and silenced for long periods of time which is why the mind will often wonder during times of prayer. As you begin, take authority over your mind by making this declaration. “Mind, you are an awesome servant, but a poor master. I command you to submit to my soul, and soul to my spirit.”

3. Find a verse of scripture to meditate on to bring you into that place of solitude. I like to meditate on this thought, “I am in Him, and He is in me.”

4. From this point keep your focus on Jesus. Let your mind contemplate His name and voice, Jesus…Jesus… Jesus.

5. From here let your spirit man gravitate towards Him and follow the leading of Holy Spirit.

6. Journal the things that you hear and see during these times of silence and solitude before God.

Thanks for reading this week’s post! Stay tuned for part two of this post next week!

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