There is an extensive amount of material that exists regarding the topic of “Spiritual Warfare,” but many of them presents the believer as one who is fighting to get victory instead of one whose habitation is that of victory. The victory or lack there of in the life of a believer is a matter of ignorance. 

The victory or lack there of in the life of a believer is a matter of ignorance. Click To Tweet

Spiritual warfare has become a topic that has birthed books, preaching series, and conferences, but they are all ineffective if they don’t awaken us to our identity in Christ. While warfare and the demonic are real, they are subordinate to the victory that exists in Christ.

Many approaches to spiritual warfare places the attention solely on the schemes of the enemy and the various works that us as believers must do to overcome the adversary. While it is true that the enemy does have schemes that are used against the Body of Christ there is a greater truth. That truth is that Christ has defeated satan and every strategy and word that flows from His mouth is superior to that of the enemy.

There's truth, then there's greater truth. It's true that satan is our adversary, but the greater truth is that Christ is our victor. Click To Tweet

I believe that a healthier approach to spiritual warfare is one that emphasizes gazing upon the Lord, resting in His heart, and partnering with Him for what ever situation your may be facing. His ways and His realm (where you happen to be seated) is higher than the enemy, thus it makes logical sense to focus our attention there.

Below are a some present truths to awaken you to the authority and victory that has been received in Christ:

  • Jesus provided victory over satan (Col 2:15).
  • Satan has been stripped of power (Heb 2:14).
  • Man’s attention and partnership provides satan with power.
  • Jesus obtained authority over satan  (Mt 28:18).
  • We are seated in a higher realm than satan IN Christ (Eph. 2:6).
  • We  have authority over all the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19).

These truths provide a healthy perspective on spiritual warfare. As the New Creation, we haven’t been designed to walk with the enemy, but to walk with the Father. By walking with Him and resting in what Christ has accomplished on our behalf, we are positioned to live from victory instead of always trying to “beat” the devil to obtain victory.

This perspective cancels out the shadow boxing and air beating that we do, and positions us to leverage our inherited authority from a place of rest. We abide in Christ, as well as His authority. Rest in His triumph.

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